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We're Crimzen Red Studios, a newly established indie game studio based in Kochi,India.
We are a group of passionate gamers who also make videogames.
Currently we're working hard on our first game.
Sign up to play test builds or follow us to get updated.


Our team consists of people who're currently studying and working,
We all started with gaming and all of us are passionate about building games.
So if you think you fit in our studio, then you're always welcome here.
We're currently hiring...

Unreal Developer
Backend Developer


Steffan Mathew


Steffan our Game Director/UE Developer, He loves channeling his enthusiasm and excitement into business things. In his free time he think about new things.

Albert Cleetus


Albert also our UE Developer/Gameplay programmer, a recent MCA graduate who handles all the techy stuffs here, he takes up all challenges as a opportunity to solve for satisfaction and out of the work time he like to travel a lot.

Nithin Stanly

Level Designer

Nithin stanly one of our 3d artist and game designer,capable of creating realistic 3d models and environment for games and vfx.Huge fan of video games and even more so of the artistic process of creating them.

Nithin Suresh

Technical artist

Nithin, our technical artist who's half artist and half programmer. he aims to improve the ingame visuals without compromising performance, and out of the work time he like to play games and watch movies.

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  • A/1084, Satellite Twp, Padamughal, Kakkanad, Kochin, Kerala ,India 682030

  • [email protected]

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